Managed Multi-Layer Cyber Security

Our industry-leading cyber security services can help protect your business, no matter how big or small.

Take a mutli-layer proactive approach to your Cyber Security

The security threat landscape is evolving rapidly, and when organisations are faced with a shape-shifting opponent, you don’t want to wait until your business case stacks up to update your security tools.

Like most businesses, you’ll probably have some form of cyber security or anti-virus solution. When was the last time you reviewed it? Again like most forms of risk mitigation, it’s usually only in the event of disaster that we realise we’re not adequately protected.

Simply having a firewall and anti-virus software provide little to no resistance against increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks

To stay ahead of the threats, you need a multi layered approach. Instead of being two steps behind with costly, in-house resources and tools, why not leverage SyTech IT’s expertise?


What is a multi layer approach?

A multi-layered security approach means having many different levels of security to protect your data and systems—working across different protocols and applications. This means that each level has a backup in case of a breach, while the strengths of the layers taken as a whole help to cover any flaws in individual components.

When developing your overall security strategy, we develop a security approach for each layer individually, whilst giving thought to how each will interact with the others to provide a comprehensive security safety net for your business.

Why use a multi layer approach?

SyTech IT provide a superior multi-layered, monitored & managed protection solution for your expanding network perimeter 24×7.

  • Protect against zero-day attacks
  • Increase efficiency & productivity
  • Strengthen security posture
  • Increased end user awareness
  • Shortens the recovery time & impact should a security breach occur
  • Scalable & Flexible to your needs
  • 1. Greatly reduce their number of users with admin rights
  • 2. Assist in achieving compliance and security requirements
  • 3. Achieve all of this efficiently by using our Quick Start configuration

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