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A good IT strategy should support your business goals ,add value and drive success. When IT is working to support business goals it leads to happier, more productive teams, smarter investments and greater return.

Drive growth and efficiency , whilst ensuring that your IT investments deliver value for your business.


Technology has never been so fundamental, so strategic and so important as it is in the digital age. New business opportunities and nimble market entrants require you to change your business models—fast—just to survive, never mind to grow. That means IT must be ultra-agile, ready to move quickly and frequently. 

It follows then that, in such organisations, the technology strategy also needs to be flexible and be able to support regular changes in the organisation’s strategy and technology needs.

Our IT Strategy Consultants can help you transform your business. Whether we’re planning an IT roadmap, building a new technology strategy for your company or planning a SharePoint intranet roll out. Our IT consulting specialists take the time to understand your business objectives and help you meet your goals, no matter the size of business. 

SyTech IT started as an IT consultancy, and our principles of building fantastic relationships, listening carefully to clients needs, and delivering on our promises, remain the same. 

Our mission is to bring a fresh approach to business technology solutions, under pinned by years of experience in both Business Systems and IT Infrastructure.

Our passion is translating business strategy into technology solutions. By building relationships with our clients we understand your business, allowing us to design solutions to support long term vision, whilst using our experience to enable growth and create efficiencies.

Our extensive range of consulting services combine best-practice with commercial pragmatism, guiding clients so that they can prioritise resources effectively and ensure investment remains tightly aligned to business goals.

Our vendor relationships allow SyTech IT to offer a number of solutions from world leading providers. 

Managed services from SyTech IT brings advanced IT management, support and security solutions to SME’s.

With a proactive services approach, we are able to efficiently manage businesses infrastructures and end users. Freeing internal resources and cost effectively ensuring your business operations are running efficiently.

Managed Services by SyTech IT deliver proactive monitoring, maintenance, security and IT support for your business infrastructures, applications and cloud solutions.

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How can technology from SyTech IT help us to realise our strategy?


Understand where you are



Strategically plan technology to

Enable business growth


Help Remove

Complexity from the business


Choose the right technology and vendor solution 
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Based In Keele, SyTech IT provide IT Solutions, Support & Systems for Industry and multi channel distribution businesses within Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Lancashire, Warwickshire, Birmingham and Manchester.

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