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For enterprises seeking a better way to match IT infrastructure with business demand, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provides a highly cost-effective solution.

Rapidly changing business needs and the quickly evolving IT landscape have created a complex challenge for IT teams charged with building, managing and upgrading IT infrastructure.

Overestimating the need for infrastructure can tie up IT budgets in needless excess, while underestimating capacity can lead to delays, downtime and lost business opportunities.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service solves this challenge by enabling organizations to match infrastructure requirements with on-demand IaaS services, including servers, memory, storage and bandwidth.

An Infrastructure-as-a-Service approach enables enterprises to adapt quickly to IT requirements brought on by business growth, mergers and acquisitions, dynamic industry standards, application development and testing, and other variables in the demand for computing resources.

As soon as you’ve decided to launch a new product or initiative, the necessary computing infrastructure can be ready in minutes or hours, rather than the days or weeks it could take to set up internally.

What is Iaas?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a method of delivering computing, storage, networking and other capabilities via the Internet. IaaS enables companies to utilise web-based operating systems, applications and storage without having to purchase, manage and support the underlying cloud infrastructure

Advantages of IaaS

Eliminates capital expense and reduces on-going cost

Improves business continuity and disaster recovery.

Respond faster to shifting business conditions

Increase stability, reliability and supportability.

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