How Secure Is Your Business?

Unsure? Then gain a high-level evaluation of your organisation’s cyber security posture and a documented summary of recommendations for improvements with our cyber security audits.

When was the last time you assessed the cyber risk of your business?


For many SME’s the answer is never. Cyber security risks have dramatically evolved, but the approach businesses use to manage them has not kept pace. With cyber crime on the rise and being a major focus in the media, large and small organisations need to reassess their IT security.

No business is immune from the threat of cyber attack or data breach. Government agencies, financial institutions and multinational corporations have all been victims of cyber crime. 

Our cyber security audit assessment effectively identifies the potential risks which can affect your businesses IT systems, processes and assets. Focusing on understanding your business and its vulnerabilities and classifying the potential impacts.

It's not if it could happen to your business... It's what would happen if it did...


We analyse everything from Firewalls and Internet gateways through to device management and malware protection.


It's just as important to review your processes, this might be new user setup, a review of your administrator accounts, Incident management processes etc...


And finally your greatest vulnerability, your users. We look at User landscape with a review of accounts and their overall cyber awareness.

No Jargon - Just a clear report with clear actions

Our security essentials audit is your starting point to becoming a more cyber resilient business. Our audit provides clear but crucial insight and suggested actions into your business cyber security that can be interporated by you!

And not just for the weak areas, If something is working effectively, we will let you know!

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