SyTech IT Develops New Cyber Security Audit

SyTech IT designs Cyber Security Audit tailored to manufacturers and multi-channel distribution businesses.


Having now been categorised as a ‘major threat’, cyber-crime shows no signs of slowing down and it is now more important than ever to ensure businesses have the correct measures in place to prevent any devastating consequences of cyber-crime.

Manufacturing is the second most-attacked industry behind healthcare. While some manufacturers are starting to strengthen their networks and corporate systems, the birth of industry 4.0 and IOT is creating significant challenges.

According to reports, only 33% of manufacturers are performing annual penetration testing within their IT groups. When it comes to ICS networks even less is being done to secure them. Because of lax security standards, manufacturers are leaving themselves exposed at every point of their networks.

To manage security today, systems must be intelligent and able to work without human supervision, knowing when and how to take proactive or defensive action.



When it comes to connected devices, the massive numbers that will be in use in businesses make it impossible for people on their own, or for understaffed IT and security teams, to manually identify and stop risky activity. To identify devices and behaviour patterns that represent a threat, your IoT security system must be intelligent enough to spot all connected devices and the vulnerabilities they introduce, approve and deny access to networks, and learn from constantly evolving conditions to become more effective over time.

Staying informed at all levels of an organisation, getting the basics right and looking to continuously manage and improve security posture will ensure businesses are in the best position to resist cyber shocks.

Managing Director Darren Kirby States “We recognised that the technological within the manufacturing and multi-channel distribution industries landscape is constantly evolving. The number of connected devices are set to surpass 20 billion by 2020, this has bought about great opportunities but significant challenges for businesses to remain secure, Our Cyber Security Audit has been developed as a starting point for manufacturing & distribution businesses in becoming more cyber resilient. The audit provides clear but crucial insight and suggested actions into business cyber security tailored towards the industries current challenges and biggest threats.

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